We – Swedish Smart Food & Drinks – are very aware of our environmental responsibility and constantly strive further improvements.


SMART DRINK ORIGINAL are light weight cans and 100% recyclable.


We made a consious choice to use aluminum cans.

Today cans weighs significantly less than a few years ago, which means you save precious raw materials.

When the cans have been collected, they can be 100% recycled, again and again, without any loss of quality.

To recycle a can requires 95% less energy than to produce a new one.


Perfect shape and weight – the can is an ideal transport packaging.


INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT – to reduce CO2 emissions


SMART DRINK ORIGINAL is transported primarily to their destinations by train or boat.

Lorries are only used when it is necessary.

Because our cans are compact in form and shape and do not weigh as much, they are more efficient packaging than PET or glass bottles.



We stand for quality and heritage.

Glassbottles need 40%

more space 


need 30%

more space


cans are light and compact

We create something for you!



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