We are enthusiastic about the ingredients. I am over 40 years old and my friend over 50, we are both working.

If it is very busy, Magnesium and Rhodiola Rosea without effect on blood sugar is perfect.

B-vitamins support us to stay fit for the winter. Inositol may also help against weight increase. Now we use Magnesium in the beginning of every month, as nowadays everything is demanded from us. // Katrin

My whole family thinks that it tastes natural, nutritious delicious (not synthetic and fake). 

A nutritious energy drink which absolutely can´t be compared with RB.

Nice weekend //Mattias

An emphatic thanks for the opportunity to try Smart Drink.

It is fantastic in every way! After 3 weeks of rehab, I got a punch in the back of one of my coaches on Tuesday. “You are really in a top shape”. I´ve never kept healthy for such a long time while others are falling sick. Incredibly cool! My fat level is around 15% and my muscle mass is above average. Really great! Big thanks! // Paulina

Great taste and great effect! // Emil


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